4 Great Mobile Apps for Drivers

The following are some helpful apps for drivers that we think are valuable


Twitter is a great tool that provides real time information. Sometimes it’s not so helpful (I don’t care what kind of sandwich you’re eating) but sometimes it can be helpful. Use Twitter’s search function (http://search.twitter.com) to help you plan your route. Search for the name of your city or town plus the word “traffic”. For example, search “Vancouver Traffic” or the hashtag #vancouvertraffic if you live in Vancouver. (Of course, substitute your own city or town). This can alert you in real time to accidents, construction, lane closures, and more, without having to wait for the traffic report on the radio.


Here’s an interesting app that has some interesting potential. It’s called “social GPS” and it provides turn-by-turn GPS functionality for your iPhone or Android device. So, how is it different than regular GPS? As a “social GPS”, it builds off of information from other users so it can respond in real time to road conditions. If only a few people use it, it’s frankly not going to be that helpful (because there is less input for the “real time” component). If many people use it, every additional piece of information can help it to become a useful tool to everyone.


Locating the cheapest price to buy gas can help save you a lot of money over time. GasBuddy provides updated gas prices across Canada and United States and is an essential app for those concerned with finding the best gas prices available. Simply by providing your location details the app will provide a list of local gas prices near you.

Car Accident Report:

There’s an app for everything, and it turns out that there’s a app for when you are in a collision. With Car Accident Report you get an iPhone tool that can record a whole bunch of really helpful information when you get into a collision. It will pull in GPS information and Google Maps to help you report what happened, and there is a place to collect driver and witness information.

There isn’t an app yet for when you need a repair after a collision, but when you bring your vehicle to Boyd Autobody & Glass, we can repair it for you quickly and easily to get you back on the road.