8 Ways You Can Drive Safer Right Now

Here are eight ways you can be a safer driver

  1. Slow down. Speed is one of the top causes of collisions. Actually, it’s not speed itself but it’s the reduced reaction time that you have when you drive above the speed limit. Speed limits are chosen for a reason, including the number of potential hazards you’ll face on a road and the distance you need to stop.
  2. Don’t call or text. Distracted driving is on the rise as mobile devices become more popular. We lead busy lives and feel the need to multitask in the vehicle while we drive. However, driving takes 100% of our attention.
  3. Slow down at crosswalks. Yes, you are already watching your speed (see #1) but slowing down at crosswalks is a good way to stay vigilant just in case a pedestrian steps out without properly signalling.
  4. Be aware of the danger zones. Danger zones aren’t necessarily places but times. There are certain times of the day when different hazards exist. For example, at dawn or dusk, animals might be more likely to roam the streets unseen. Also, just before or after school hours are prime times for kids to be running around. You should always be watching the road, but at these times it is prudent to watch the road for specific hazards.
  5. Harness your emotions. Driving seems to be an increasingly emotional situation – we have “road rage” and “intersection rage” and “parking lot” rage. Everyone rages because other people aren’t moving faster or more predictably. Although it might feel good to get angry at other drivers, the best thing to do is get control over your emotions and let it pass.
  6. Be predictable. While you might be raging at other drivers, it’s possible that you are not as predictable as you think you are. Check your signalling, turning, braking and your accelerating to make sure that other drivers know what you are doing.
  7. Plan ahead. Although it is tempting to speed, you can actually get somewhere faster by planning ahead. A quick check online of local road conditions and construction can reveal where the slow routes and the fast routes are.
  8. Stay focused and in control. Your vehicle is a machine and it requires your full attention and care in order to maneuver it. Driving haphazardly will relinquish control and it can turn your vehicle into a deadly weapon.