As Vehicles Get Safer, We Get Unsafer

Today, things have changed

Roads are paved. We don’t share the road with horses. Vehicles are enclosed, much faster and built to be safer.

But is it making us unsafe when we drive?

Since vehicles are enclosed and built to be virtually soundproof, we can drive very fast without realizing it. We don’t experience the feeling of speed because we are safely cocooned inside our quiet, smooth vehicle. (Compare that to our great grandparents who drove slowly because they would feel like they were driving in a windtunnel if they went too fast).

Today’s wonderfully modern vehicles make driving comfortable, safer and more enjoyable. But they keep us from fully appreciating the breakneck speeds that we travel. We feel confident that the innumerable safety features of the vehicle will keep us safe in the event of a collision. We get distracted by the even more complex vehicles we drive today (compared to the much simpler vehicles our great-grandparents drove).

Today’s highly advanced, safer vehicles can actually make us drive less safely because we can’t fully appreciate the danger of our decisions.

Although today’s vehicles are much safer, drivers need a wake up call in terms of discovering just how dangerous their driving can be. They need to discover the rush of speed or the danger of splitting their focus between the road and the zone climate controls or their mobile device.

To get a truer sense of what our forefathers (and foremothers) felt when they drove a vehicle, we need to cycle very quickly down a hill. That level of speed and that sense of vulnerability at being just a slight mishap away from a painful crash is what we should feel when we get behind the wheel and drive faster than the speed limit.

Vehicles will continue to get safer and at the same time continue to get more complicated. As a result, drivers will become increasingly less safe to drive.

Slow down. Drive safe. Arrive at your destination alive. Resist the urge to feel comfortable when behind the wheel.

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