Misconceptions About Collisions

What Causes Collisions?

First, no one ever plans to get into a collision. Deciding not to get into a collision isn’t really a “decision” you can make.

Second, collisions don’t just happen because two unsafe drivers crash into each other. They happen when one unsafe driver crashes into a safe driver or when one safe driver loses control of their vehicle and crashes into another safe driver.

Collisions occur because of a combination of factors, and not all of those factors are entirely controlled by the person sitting in the driver’s seat.

The environment can make it difficult to be aware of what’s going on around you. For example, fog can limit your ability to see very far or lightning can blind you momentarily.The environment can foil your quick and accurate reactions. For example, icy roads can keep you driving straight even when you’re doing your best to turn.

Numerous distractions can cause you to react a second or two too late. Even if you’re not on your cell phone or yelling at the kids in the back seat, it can be easy to take your attention from the road to shift gears or turn on the air conditioning or reach for your coffee. That second or two can make all the difference.

In the milliseconds before a collision, your mind unconsciously evaluates as many possibilities as it can to protect you. That’s why you might automatically steer away from the potential collision or brake suddenly or even stiffen your body as a natural response to the danger. Sometimes, a collision with a car might have been your preferred unconscious response to some other potential collision (such as a collision with a cyclist who is not protected in a cage of steel).

Other drivers — unsafe drivers — drive on the same roads you do but don’t take into consideration all of the rules of the road that you do. If even half of the collisions in 2009 were the result of an unsafe driver crashing into a safe driver, that’s still 60,000 safe drivers who were in collisions!

As you can see, even a great driver who decides that they are so safe they can’t get into a collision can still find themselves in a scenario where a collision is inevitable in spite of their safe driving. When a collision like that occurs, it’s no longer about how safe you’re driving, but rather it’s about the safety features in your vehicle.

After your collision, bring your vehicle to Boyd Autobody & Glass for repairs. We’ll work hard to restore your vehicle to pre-collision condition and we’ll restore the safety features that are built into your car to protect you in case of another collision… so you can get back onto the road safely.