What Back to School Means for Drivers

“Back to school” means something else entirely for drivers

“Back to school” should be synonymous with “SLOW DOWN”.

In the summer drivers tend to relax a little because (compared to winter driving) the roads are nice and dry and we can see further ahead. The sun is out for much longer and people take vacations, so there are fewer people on the roads. In other words, it’s much easier to drive safely in the summer and (if we were to be honest with ourselves) we may slack a little in our driving diligence. Most people are also thinking about sitting on the beach or doing some much-needed yard work in the beautiful sunshine!

Now we’re nearing September and school is starting up again. Children will be going to and from school and additional environmental distractions (like a later sunrise or an earlier sunset and more traffic) will make it harder to drive.

So what does this mean for drivers?

It’s simple: When you’re driving, slow down and keep an eye out for children. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in a school zone. Remember that kids have to walk from their neighbourhood to get to school, so there are going to be children everywhere even if a school isn’t a block or two away. School zones are good reminders to slow down but there will be children running around and darting in and out of traffic outside of school zones.

Slowing down doesn’t just apply between 8:30am and 3:30pm (or whenever school lets out in your area). Children who live near schools might go home for lunch, or might be late getting to school or going home early.

Don’t forget, it’s not just children you have to watch out for. Buses stop to pick up or drop off children and parents might also drive to pick up their kids and can stop suddenly.

Back to school means slowing down for drivers. It helps to improve your ability to react if something changes quickly — like if a child runs out between two parked cars or if a parent stops to pick up their kids.

If you are in a collision, Boyd Autobody & Glass can help to repair your vehicle and get you safely and quickly back on the road. But you can avoid a lot of back-to-school collisions by slowing down.